Mayor Steinhardt Welcomes You

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Mayor Michael Steinhardt is currently serving his second term as Kiel Mayor. He has been involved with Kiel City Government as a mayor or City Council member for 20 years. Please see his mayoral updates below.

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Mayor's update - March 14, 2016

The City of Kiel established the Friends of the Community Center organization  late last year and the committee has been meeting monthly  to revitalize the Community Center programming and facilities.  This organization is an appointed committee of the City of Kiel government and is governed by approved by-laws. The committee meets on the second Tuesday of the month at 2:00 P.M. at the Community Center and anyone interested in Center activities are welcomed to attend.
The objective of the “Friends” organization is to provide quality facilities and programming not only for the senior community but for the entire community.  Initial plans include updating the interior of the facility and adding audio/visual and internet capabilities.  These amenities will enable expanded use by the Kiel community for hosting programs, conferences and meetings.
Melissa Brandt has been hired as the Community Center Director to spearhead new programming at the Community Center and will continue to oversee nutrition site programming and senior activities already in place.  Melissa will also be working with the Kiel Association of Commerce to help coordinate activities with the business community.
The Friends Committee along with community volunteers has been very active over the last month in updating the buildings and grounds.  The main floor has been painted and window treatments have been added.  New artwork has been added in the upper level.   The lower level is now also being painted.  A general cleaning of the interior is in process and the outside shrubs have been trimmed.  All of this work has been done by a very enthusiastic group of volunteers donating their time, talents and energy to upgrade the facility.  I am amazed at the dedication of this group and my sincere thanks goes out to all of them.
The Friends of the Community Center will also be involved in capital procurement and fund raising activities for the center that will be used for equipment, site upgrades and enhanced programming.  We have already seen support for the project from the Kiel Kiwanis and Lions Clubs who have graciously agreed to donate funds to purchase large screen TVs for video programming.   I would like to offer my thanks to these organizations for their support.   Letters have also been sent out to businesses and organizations in the greater Kiel area requesting monetary donations to help in our efforts.  Any support from your business or organization at this time would be greatly appreciated.
The Friends of the Community Center has plans to take activities and programming to new levels for the community and volunteers will be needed to help with the facilities and programming going forward.   I would like to extend an offer to anyone in the community who would like to get involved with this group as volunteer or participant.
The Friends of the Community Center is planning a “Rediscover YOUR Community Center” open house on Sunday April 24th from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.   Please plan to attend the open house or stop in anytime at the Community Center to view the progress.
The Economic Development Committee for the City of Kiel had not met for some time until a recent meeting in February.  With TIDs 4 and 5 now progressing nicely we felt it was time to look at the comprehensive plan for the city and where the community can next focus our efforts and support.
With the expansions of Ameriquip and Sargento, we have seen a lot of interest recently from developers looking to build apartments and add additional housing in the community.  We have also seen interest in downtown development and what the City of Kiel and the Kiel Association of Commerce might initiate to promote the downtown and smaller businesses.  Going forward we have solicited our economic development partner, Progress Lakeshore, to help facilitate economic development initiatives for the city based on our comprehensive plan.   These initiatives will hopefully lead to concrete ideas that can be implemented by the City of Kiel, the Kiel Association of Commerce and the greater Kiel community to drive economic activity.  These efforts will also look at the comprehensive plan and updating of the plan that will need to be undertaken over the next few years. 
I recently participated in the Kiel School District’s annual review of the strategic plan and once again I am very pleased with the progress that has been made by the administration in implementing the plan.  The plan calls for a personalized approach to the learning process and a focus on the student’s active participation in the education process and setting goals that will ultimately provide a path to a successful career.  The plan realizes that a one-size-fits-all approach to education does not provide the individual attention that is needed to motivate students and identify interests that make for successful careers.  The strategic plan also focuses on improving community involvement in the education process by engaging students, parents, staff and the business community in helping the students achieve career goals.  In my opinion, this is a powerful and very positive approach to educating our children for future success and it deserves full community support.
We have a very important school board election coming up in a few weeks and I would encourage support for prospective board members that embrace the administration’s efforts and the strategic plan initiatives of the Kiel School District.   The students will be served well by these initiatives.
I have noticed a lot more outdoor activity by area families with winter slowly fading and the weather warming up.   Spring is just around the corner and I would encourage everyone to get out and enjoy our parks, great biking and hiking trails, and the other recreational opportunities that our communities provide.  Get active, enjoy the outdoors and have a great spring!

     Mike Steinhardt

Mayor's update - January 18, 2016

The City of Kiel budget for 2016 was approved with no major changes anticipated for 2016.  The budget for the city calls for an increase in spending of 3% to just over $2.8 million.  City taxpayers saw an increase in the levy of 1.24% with the tax rate remaining at just over $5 per $1000 of an assessed property value.  On the revenue side of the budget property taxes make up 40% of the city income, followed by intergovernmental  revenue (state shared revenue and transportation aids)  at 28%, other finances (taxes and transfers from utilities) at 15% and charges for public services (garbage and recycling pickup) at 7%.  On the expenditure side of the budget public safety (police and fire protection) makes up 36% of the budget followed by public works (streets, signs, snow removal, storm sewers) at 22%, debt service at 15%, culture and recreation (library, community center, parks) at 11% and capital outlay at 8%.  Overall this is a good budget for the city and the city is in good shape financially.  Looking forward, over the next several years, we will see the closing of a TIF district and some retirement of debt that will allow for increased expenditures on city infrastructure such as roads.  The lean years of the past are behind us and the outlook is positive.
The City approved a contract with the police union of which the major agreement of the contract was a salary increase of 2% per year for the next three years.  The wage resolution for other city employees was also approved with an increase of 2% for 2016. The Salary and Budget Committee felt that an overall 2% increase was justified based on recent and projected Consumer Price Index (CPI) increases in the neighborhood of 1.5 – 2.0% although the 2015 CPI increase was actually closer to 0.2% mainly due to the drop in gasoline and fuel prices.  Most economists agree that the rate of increase for other commodities was closer to 2% for 2015 and is projected to be 1.5% in 2016; therefore, a salary increase of 2% over the next few years appears reasonable.  
The City of Kiel has been slowly moving towards a more merit based salary structure over the last several years where employees are evaluated based on contribution and performance in their respective jobs.   Specific goals for each employee are developed by supervisors and raises determined based on performance and attainment of goals.  These efforts are all aimed at getting the best possible contribution from employees and providing exceptional customer service to the citizens of the community.
The City reviewed the health insurance plan options for our employees and 2016 sees a change to a high deductible Health Savings Account plan that provides good coverage for our employees with a reduced cost to the city.  Employees are now paying 12% of the cost of the health insurance plan. This change also allowed us to provide dental insurance to employees with the employee picking up 50% of the cost.   These plans are more in line with the trends for health insurance and benefits in the private sector and are fair to employees without severely impacting the city budget.  The recent trends in health insurance have not been favorable for employers or employees, and we are continuing to pay close attention to these trends as we strive to provide a reasonable benefit to our employees at a fair cost to the taxpayers.
The Planning Commission and Kiel City Council recently reviewed Ameriquip’s plans for an additional $8.5 million, 90,000 square foot expansion of their facility in TID 5 on the Northwest corner of the city. This expansion has the potential to add an additional 130 jobs to the facility, while the recently completed expansion has already added 86 jobs out of a projected 100 new jobs to date.  A public hearing has been set for February 9, 2016 to consider a new plan and boundary agreement for TID 5. The City will be looking to finance infrastructure improvements to the district to facilitate the expansion. 
The Wastewater Treatment Plant is moving forward with several major projects and a public hearing to review options for the plant was held at a recent City Council meeting.  Three project phases are anticipated over the next several years to upgrade the plant to increase capacity and meet new DNR regulations.  Phase 1 includes updating primary clarifiers, piping and the anaerobic digestion process at a cost of $3.8 million.  Phase 2 consists of a new membrane reactor activated sludge process and dewatering system at a cost of $9.9 million. Phase 3 consists of a new Class A solids drying system at a cost of $5.9 million.  We will be looking at several options to finance these upgrades with the objective being to minimize the cost to future sewerage rates.   The city council approved the plan and authorized McMahon engineers to submit it to the DNR for review.   These upgrades are expected to enable the plant be able to service the City’s wastewater needs for many years to come.
 The installation of new bio-gas conditioning equipment at the wastewater treatment plant is underway with the engine-generator unit installation targeted for completion by the end of February 2016.   This methane gas recovery project will have the potential to generate most of the electrical needs of the plant.
The Kiel Water Utility system in the city recently underwent inspection by a contractor hired to identify leaks in mains and valves in the system.  Several major leaks in both older and newer sections of the city were identified for repair.  The city has recently been pumping about 800,000 gallons of water per day into the system for customer use.  Of that 800,000 gallons about 150,000 gallons per day has now been attributed to system leaks and fixed under this program with several more repairs yet to be completed.
The Kiel Electric Utility system plan for upgrades to the Meyer Road substation are completed through the design phase of the project.  This is a joint project between American Transmission Company, We Energies and the Kiel Electric Utility that will upgrade the electrical supply to the city and provide for mutual backup of the electrical requirements for Kiel and We Energy customers.  The engineers are now in the stage of finalizing the permits and easements for the project.  Construction will begin this year with completion expected in March of 2017.
The Kiel Public Works Department is in the planning stages for the road construction projects that will be completed in 2016.  They are expecting to concentrate on areas that do not require major water and sewer construction work to upgrade the streets.  Major projects requiring sewer and water upgrades that can be partially financed through TID funds are planned for 2017 and 2018.
Three long time City employees have decided to retire after 30+ years of service to the community.  Pat Keltesch, Police Department Dispatcher and Office Manager, Randy Neils, Director of Public Works, and Beatie Dietrich, Community Center Nutrition Manager, will all retire by February 1, 2016.   It has been a pleasure working with these individuals and they have all contributed greatly towards Kiel’s success over the years.  Their dedication and long standing service is greatly appreciated and I wish them well in retirement.
The Kiel Community Center Committee has been meeting and working on the development of a new organization called the “Friends of the Community Center” that will be chartered with fund raising and improved programming of activities for all generations of citizens within the community.  Melissa Brandt has been hired to drive this effort at the Community Center that will encompass the nutrition program, senior center activities, and recreational department activities for the city.  The goal of the Committee is improved programming, improved communication of community activities and improved interconnection of all city services at the Community Center, Stoelting House and Library facilities. The Committee has met several times and has had very good input and representation from a nice cross section of people within the community.  Watch for updates and opportunities to get involved starting in February 2016.
I have several grandchildren and I am always amazed by the people who work with our children as they grow up in our community.  I occasionally drop one of the grandkids off at a local day care center and the care that is provided is wonderful.  One can see the enjoyment that the children have in being there and the caring, learning environment that is provided to them is outstanding.  I have another grandchild that participates in the grade school basketball program.  These children are young and learning the game and the coach’s patience and commitment to teaching the kids is appreciated. These coaches do a great job.   I would like to say “thank you” to all the great people and volunteers who work with the children in our schools, churches, scouting organizations, and the sports teams in our community.  You provide a great service to our children and the community.
I am looking forward to another great community event as Kiel’s Ice Sculpturing Contest makes it to a milestone 25th year on the streets of Kiel on February 6th.  This is always a great event for the city and a nice way to celebrate winter in Wisconsin with support for many of our local businesses and organizations.  Hope to see you all there!

     Mike Steinhardt