Mayor and City Council

Mayor Mike Steinhardt - (920) 894-3764 (email)

1st Dist. Ald. Jeremy Fromm - (920) 286-1546

2nd Dist. Ald. John Korb - (920) 286-0443

3rd Dist. Ald. John Brocker - (920) 894-3567 (City Council President)

4th Dist. Ald. Guy Grube - (920) 894-7035

5th Dist. Ald. Bill Krueger - (920) 918-2726

6th Dist. Ald. Alice Achter - (920) 894-7241

City Officials

All can be reached at 1 (920) 894-2909

City Administrator - Jamie Aulik (email)

Ambulance Service Director - Dick Isely

Assessor - Mike Denor, Joe Denor, and Paul Denor

Attorney - Gary Jahn

Building Inspector - Paul Birschbach

City Council President - John Brocker

Community Center/Recreation Director - Melissa Brandt

Emergency Management Director - Dave Funkhouser

Fire Chief - Robert H. Hennings

General Manager of Utilities - Kris August

Librarian - Julia Davis

Medical Director - Dr. Steven Zils

Municipal Judge - Dean M. Dietrich

Police Chief - Dave Funkhouser

Treasurer - Marilyn Jaschob

Mayor's Committee Appointments

Electric, Ordinances, and Elections
Krueger, Korb

Industry, Water, Assessments, and Equilizations
     Brocker, Grube

Police, Fire, Public Health, and Aging
     Achter, Fromm

Recreation, Accounts, Claims, and Relief
     Krueger, Achter

Salary and Budget
     Brocker, Grube

Streets and Sidewalk
     Fromm, Krueger

Wastewater, Sewers, City Property, Parks, and Celebrations
     Grube, Korb

Boards and Commissions

Bargaining Committee
Steinhardt, Brocker, Fromm, Grube, Dedering

Board of Appeals
Mark Schuh, Jerry Vandermause, Keith Raquet, Brian Manz, Jack Lechler

Board of Review
     Brocker, Grube, Krueger

Business Improvement District Board
     Jeremy Fromm (2019), Steve Nothem (2020), Ron Langenfeld (2020), Mary Christel (2021), Bob Schoenborn (2021)

Community Center
Jean Stoelting, Wilbert Foerster, Guy Grube, Jane Voigt, Ann Roe, Jack Lechler, Alice Achter, Nancy Bailey, Wendy Jacobs, Connie Steinhardt, Mary Jo Grube

Economic Development
Guy Grube, John Korb, Eric Voland, Mike Mathes, Mary Christel, Chad Ramminger

East Shore Recycling Commission
     Jamie Aulik, Mike Steinhardt - alternate

Housing Authority
Harley Streiber, Jr., Tony Christel, Dawn Mueller, Larry Desmidt, David Dedering

Incinerator Commission
Mayor Mike Steinhardt, Bill Krueger, alternate

Great Lakes Utilities Board of Directors
     Kris August, Jamie Aulik - alternate

Kiel-New Holstein Trail Committee
Mike Steinhardt, Alice Achter, alternate - Dennis Dedering

Library Board
Faye Billmann, Guy Grube, Carolyn Johnson, Lindsey Bortz, Trish Sabel, Wilbert Foerster, Debra Heus-Bowe

Park Board
Patty Zepnick, Jane Voigt, Melissa Brandt, Kris Tarnowski

Plan Commission
Mayor Mike Steinhardt, Council Member - Bill Krueger, Park Board Member - David Scheutte, Eric Voland, Robert H. Hennings Jr., David Stoelting, and James Fromm

Police and Fire
Ann Roe, Rich Patrick, Pete Tarnowski, Dawn Mueller - alternate
Official Paper
Tri-County News

Official Depository
Citizens Bank, Bank First National, Bank Mutual, Premier Financial Credit Union, Collins State Bank, Local Government Investment Pool