2019 Ordinance Amendments

January 15 - Commerical Quadricycle Licensing - An ordinance addressing the application for commercial quadricycle licensing. 

January 15 - Animal Regulations - An ordinance regarding the regulations and restrictions of animals. 

January 15 - Records Retention Schedule - An ordinance addressing records and retention periods. 

March 26 - Chronic Nuisance Premises An ordinance regarding premises that receive and require more than the general, acceptable level of police services. 

March 26Penalty for No Building Permit & Maximum Sidewall Height & Roof Pitch for Detached Structures - An ordinance regarding the requirement for a building permit and accessory uses and structures.

March 26 - Purchase & Possession of Cigarettes and Tobacco products by Juveniles An ordinance addressing the restrictions and limitations on use and sale. 

April 9 - Personnel Committee An ordinance creating section 2.01 regarding personnel committee. 

May 28 - State Electrical CodeAn ordinance requiring all electrical work shall conform to the State Electrical Code. 

May 28 - Littering - An ordinance addressing prohibited types of disposal. 

June 25 - Parking Limitations - An ordinance regarding various trailers and their parking limitations. 

June 9 - Sidewalk Repairs and Street and Sidewalk Grades - An ordinance regarding sidewalk inspection and repairs. 

August 13 - Electrical PermitsAn ordinance regarding electrical permits and when they are required. 

September 18 - Animal Regulations - An ordinance regarding the regulations and restrictions of animals.

October 9  Waste Water and Sewer Requiring Annexation- An ordinance regarding the annexation into the City of Kiel to receive City of Kiel Sewer or Water Services

November 21 Records Retention Schedule- Video Recording An ordinance regarding  policies related to video recording.

December 12 Parking Restrictions - An ordinance regarding parking restrictions

December 12
Annexing Territory An ordinance regarding the City of Kiel Annexing Territory to the City of Kiel, Calumet County

December 12 
Uniform Street Numbering System- An ordinance regarding  Numbering System in Newly Annexed Lands. 

2018 Ordinance Amendments

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January 23Sex Offender Residency Restrictions - An ordinance restricting temporary and permanent residency for sexual offenders.

April 10Rezoning Fremont Street An ordinance rezoning 11 E. Fremont Street in the City of Kiel. 

June 12Fair & Open Housing An ordinance recreating fair and open housing procedures in Kiel. 

September 11Outdoor Swimming Pool Regulations - An ordinance amending the outdoor swimming pool regulations to include safety pool covers. 

October 23Sewer Service Charges - An ordinance updating the sewer rate charges. 

November 13Sign Regulations - An ordinance recreating sign regulations in Kiel.

November 13  - Utility Permits - An ordinance requiring notice of repairs and improvements of utilities.